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The opportunities listed here is a result of an analysis made on potential market opportunities of The Walt Disney Company > Studio Entertainment area, mainly with focus on Walt Disney Pictures.

The Pixar Effect

With the acquisition of Pixar in 2006, they did not only gain a company without any failures in its repertoire of animated films. They gained both technological knowledge about creating 3D animation, a great portfolio of brands like Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. and state of the art 3D software especially developed for 3D animation movies. This creates a great opportunity for Disney, which earlier on have not been able to grasp the new world of 3D animation films.

New ways of watching videos; online, Ipods, mobile devices

The Ipod generation is here. And with Ipods came a generation that can watch movies, TV shows, hear music, and watch pictures anywhere and anytime. They are no longer tied to neither a specific time nor place to enjoy a movie or a program. This opens up for a world of new possibilities for the entertainment industry. They do no longer depend on large distributors, TV program planners, large network, or physical music shops. Thereby it will be easier to reach a larger market with greater availability. Studies have so far showed that these new channels actually also bring more viewers/listeners to the regular channels when talking about TV program, since they can catch up at any time in a series, and thereby not get lost in the middle of a programs season because of unfavourable transmission times.

Largest shareholder owns Apple

When Disney acquired Pixar, they also made Steve Jobs (former Chairman at Pixar, now on the board of directors at Disney) the largest investor of The Walt Disney Company. Steve Jobs is also the chief executive of Apple Computer Inc. This has opened a great door for new market opportunities and exploitation of the new trends. This is especially a great opportunity when linked together with the before mentioned opportunity of the new ways of watching videos. There can be created a large synergy, and Steve Jobs can help The Walt Disney Company to be on the edge of new technologies and trends in corporation with Apple Computers.